Tidy in Ten – Week 6: Kitchen (Organize)

In a room as frequently visited and used as the kitchen, simple organization improvements go a long way. Continue reading for storage suggestions that may be tackled in just ten minutes or less, but reap the benefits for years to come!


  • Cooking utensils, measuring cups, measuring spoons
  • Food storage containers and lids
  • Water bottles, travel mugs
  • Cooking oils, favorite spices, baking ingredients


Take on organizing tasks in moments when your energy and motivation are elevated. It’s important that you are not already feeling defeated or rushed going into this activity. Otherwise you are likely to have a sub-par effort and end up with a less functional solution. This could create a bad cycle. On the other hand, going into a project optimistic and energized will boost your efforts and the added endorphin rush of a job well-done will continue to push you forward in your day.


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Hang cooking utensils, measuring cups, measuring spoons

Use products like the suggestions below to hang utensils on the inside of cabinet doors. Be sure to trial the placement so that the door still closes all the way, with the items hanging. Painter’s tape works well for this first step.

Command Hooks (Amazon, $14)
Benefit: Customizable and easily removable

Hook Rails (Amazon, $15)
Benefit: Easier to install

Corral food storage containers and lids

Nest like shaped containers properly, moving from shallow at the bottom to deepest at the top. Designate space for each container shape. The easier it is to access, the more likely you are to also put it away properly. Place all lids in a storage container.

Multi-Purpose Bin (The Container Store, $8)

Store water bottles and travel mugs horizontally

See and access all your bottles and mugs at once, without having to search behind. Use one of the below products to remove just one bottle at a time while leaving the others still organized!

Water Bottle Organizer (The Container Store, $25)
Benefit: Contain many bottles without rolling

Cabinet Shelf (Amazon, $17)
Benefit: Alternate use cases, store other items on top, bottles underneath

Group and contain pantry items by use

Keep similar and frequently used items grouped together. Know exactly where you need to go to retrieve and return an item, without rifling through others to get there. These versatile pantry bins are great for containing items you want to be able to grab-n-go.

iDesign Linus Pantry Bins (The Container Store, $16-$30)

Share in the comments which organizing solutions you chose to implement and how they’re working out for you!

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