Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Love Language

The ubiquitous ‘they’ say it’s the thought that counts. Your Valentine will be feeling extra loved with these thoughtful ideas, personalized for their individual love language. Not sure what their love language is? Take this short quiz to find out.

Scroll down to your partner’s love language (not yours, the gift is for them) for simple clutter-free gift ideas.

Words of Affirmation

Exchange kind words with your loved one. Tell each other three things you appreciate about them and three things that you love about them.
This is the tradition in my household and it helps ground and connect us. This is also what we exchanged in place of wedding vows.

Acts of Service

D.I.Y. a coupon book of your Valentine’s favorite and most appreciated acts of kindness. Some ideas: a date night, their favorite home cooked meal, and a day off from household responsibilities. You could even add in changing that light bulb that you promised to replace two months ago…

Receiving Gifts

I’m going to be completely honest here. I’ve been known to describe physical gifts as my anti love language. I don’t like clutter and I’m kinda cheap. If your Valentine’s love language is receiving gifts, you’re a bit on your own here. The organizer and sugar fiend in me would vote a consumable like chocolates.

Physical Touch

An extended good morning hug, holding hands during dinner, then cuddling on the couch for a movie. These are simple and intimate ways to show your affection through touch. Or take it up a notch with a relaxing massage.

Quality Time

You may have heard the idea of gifting children experiences for Christmas to cut down on all the toys. Why not adopt that same approach for Valentine’s day? Enjoy a date night, spend the day hiking, visit a local art exhibit, or Netflix and chill. Take the time to indulge in that activity you’ve been putting off for this reason or that.

What is your love language? What do you like to receive for Valentine’s Day?

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