Benefits of Working with a Professional Organizer

We all have finite resources. There are only so many hours in the day and you’re probably already being split in multiple directions. When your mental and physical energy are already being exerted, it is hard to power through and add more work to your plate. This can make the already daunting task of organizing seem overwhelming.

Fortunately for us professional organizers, we thrive in the clutter and chaos. We bring a renewed energy and expertise to your space to efficiently and functionally complete your organizing project. Some of the many benefits of working with a professional organizer include:

Experience and Knowledge

Professional organizers possess a specialized skill set when it comes to bringing order to a space. Just as a chef prepares an exquisite meal, or a florist designs a beautiful floral arrangement, organizers can take the ordinary up a notch to extraordinary.

Professional organizers have experience working in a variety of spaces and knowledge to suggest ideas for the quirkiest of conundrums.

Extra Set of Hands

Many hands make light work. In addition to being a knowledge source, a professional organizer is also a physical source to speed up the process. Enlist help and reduce the amount of time it takes to get your space organized. Recoup time, energy, money, and your wellness by getting organized sooner.

Support System

Let’s face it, organizing alone can be, well, lonely. Working with a professional organizer will provide you a comrade, cheerleader, motivational coach, unofficial therapist, and shoulder to lean on. A support system lifts you up when you’re struggling, celebrates your successes, and can add some fun and entertainment along the way.


A professional organizer will directly hold you accountable for making decisions and progress. We won’t push you. We will work at your pace. However, we will help you keep your goals in sight and redirect you when you veer off track. There is also an innate sense of accountability we put on ourselves when working with someone else. Ever see those social media posts from your friend (or maybe you!) with their weekly exercise update. They are keeping themselves accountable by sharing their journey with others. You may be more likely to follow through with organizing when working with a professional organizer. It’s easier to let things slide and tell yourself “you’ll get to it tomorrow” when it’s only you. It’s easy to de-prioritize your organization goals. But a professional organizer’s job is to prioritize you and your goals, so they will keep them top of mind on your behalf.

Fresh Perspective

Do you really need to keep that purse you haven’t used since college? What harm will really come of getting rid of that throw blanket you were gifted but doesn’t match your décor? We are often tied to our belongings through our emotions. They represent our memories and relationships, our future dreams and what-ifs. A professional organizer can come in with objectivity and help you look at these things in a new light.

An organizer can also look at your full space with a fresh perspective. Can’t see the forest through the trees? When you’re used to living a certain way, it can be hard to imagine anything else. Why do you keep your glassware in that particular cabinet? “Because…that’s where they go.” But why do they go there? A professional organizer will help refresh your space.

Product and Service Recommendations

A professional organizer will take the guess work out of which storage containers will work best in your space. We are regulars at shopping for containers and are privy to many of the options out there across different budgets. We will match your belongings, space, and budget to the products best suited for you.

Professional organizers also have a network of complementary service providers. We can direct you to local resources to assist with other areas of your project like shelf installation and light carpentry, painting, and cleaning. A professional organizer will save you the time and headache of researching these things on your own.

All of these benefits of hiring a professional organizer add up to saving you time and money. These initial savings along with an improvement in your quality of life will turn the initial investment of hiring a professional organizer into a long term investment into your space and self.

Ready to get organized with the added benefits of working with an expert? Reach out to Space for You for a free phone consultation and let’s make space for what matters.

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