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Does my custom book design include the book itself?

A physical book is not included. The service includes the design of a custom book for you via mixbook.com, providing you the flexibility to choose from their plethora of book options (hardcover, softcover, lay flat, size, etc.). The Precious Papers design service does not include the cost of the physical book, which you must order separately via mixbook.com.

How do I review and order my custom designed book?

You will receive a link to your custom book design with full edit and order permissions. From there, you have full control over any edits you’d like to make and copies you wish to order.

May I remove photos from my gallery or book design to reduce my final cost?

Once works begins, the cost may not be reduced. You will have the opportunity to review and approve the final cost prior to work beginning. Once approval is received, removal of images will not decrease the cost.

May I review the curated sort before you digitize the pieces?

Yes, just let me know and we'll arrange for this.

How do I get my papers to you?

We’ll arrange for a physical hand-off at a mutually convenient time and location. Alternatively, you may independently arrange for your items to be shipped to me.

May I get the original hard copies of the art and papers back once you're done?

Yes, just let me know if you’d like your originals returned and we’ll arrange for it.

How do I access my digital gallery?

You will receive a link to your personal Google Photos digital album. You will also receive directions and reminders to download this album to your personal computer or account.

I only want one of the services, can I order just the one?

Yes, the services are available à la carte. I can transform your existing digital photos into a personalized photo book design. Or maybe you only want your papers culled and sorted, to later be filed or scrapbooked.

What if there is an issue with the printing of my book?

While all printing errors are ultimately the responsibility of mixbook.com, I will work with you to the best of my ability to facilitate resolving them. In my experience, Mixbook's customer service is very responsive.

How long will my order take?

Timing is dependent on a number of factors, including number of pieces and services purchased. Rush service may be available at an increased cost. An estimate of your project’s timing will be provided along with your quote.

I want to add in a custom book design, but already paid for sorting and digitizing. Can I still get the value package discount?



May I add my own edits and customization to my book design?

Yes, once your design is complete you will receive full editor access.

What if I want to request changes to my book design?

I will work to accommodate design edits within reason. Excessive changes may incur an additional cost, which will be quoted and invoiced prior to edits.

May I offer advice and suggestions related to the curated sort or custom book design?

Absolutely! I love to take your input into account while curating or designing your book to be as personal as possible.

Can I add extra pages to my book after you finish designing it?

Yes! You may add pages yourself, or request that I do it for you. Additional page work may incur an additional cost, to be quoted prior to edits.

I want to memorialize something other than children’s artwork. Do you do that?

Yes! Reach out with your ideas and we’ll see how we can make it come to fruition. Family recipes, photo collections, your child’s sports journey…let’s chat!