Get Tidy in Ten (minutes)!

An Introduction to the Weekly How-to Series

Welcome to Tidy in Ten! Gain inspiration and get organized in just ten minutes a week with a new task posted every Tuesday. I will offer you suggestions of what to do, when to do it, and how.

We’re all BUSY and not everyone is a natural at this whole “tidiness” thing. This series is geared towards those of you who are looking to make a dent. It isn’t going to give you an overhaul, but likewise it isn’t going to overwhelm you either.

Getting or being organized does not have to be all or nothing; something is better than nothing. Each week I will offer advice for a small organizational task to achieve along with ideas for where to find the time for it.

Take back lost time and tackle those chores you tend to put off ‘til tomorrow1. You’ll get more done and work on building new habits and routines so that a task here and a task there will really start to add up.

Check back every Tuesday for an update, or see them posted in real time over on my Facebook page!

1 Let’s be honest – how often does tomorrow actually mean tomorrow? More like … tomorrow never comes and we keep ‘kicking the can down the road’

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