A Better Way to Store Your Sheets

Have you been storing your bed sheets all wrong? I’m not here to tell you how to fold a fitted sheet. Heck, you don’t even have to fold your sheets at all to benefit from this better storage option!

You probably store your bed linens in, well, the linen closet. It is called a linen closet after all. I’m here to suggest you stop. Professional organizers often get asked to help with linen closets. They look like a cluttered mess with balled up fitted sheets and toppling towels. Fortunately there’s a better solution and it involves relocating your sheets altogether.

Store your sheets in the room where you will use them, not in a hallway linen closet. Within a bedroom, designate a drawer or shelf for storing that room’s sheets. It’s easier to keep one or two sets of sheets tidy than a household’s worth in a single space. By moving your sheets to their corresponding bedrooms they will be within reach and better contained. You will also free up valuable real estate in your linen closet for bulk storage of things like toilet paper and tissue back stock.

Don’t have a drawer to spare? Consider adding a large basket or tote in your closet or under the bed for additional storage. Or better yet, check out Step 4: Purge in my Organize Like a Pro blog post for advice on making space in your drawers.

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