Who I am

Hey there! I'm Kaitlyn Brady, a wife, mother, and chocolate fiend.

After the birth of my son I had the opportunity to leave my corporate job to focus on self-care. I learned the value of being intentional with my time and energy. My priorities shifted to maintaining a peaceful home through order and nurturing my passions.

In a busy world, carving out the time and space to take care of yourself is rejuvenating and empowering. I want to share my hands-on personalized organizing services to bring that calming sense of self and space to you.

Kaitlyn and her family
One of Kait's kitchen cabinets

(Yes, this is my actual kitchen cabinet. The one that started it all.)

Where it all started

I had an organized kitchen for six years, yet it didn't function well. It was unpacked the day I moved in and although my lifestyle changed, my kitchen did not. It was organized...just not for me.

I finally got fed up and had some time on my hands. After some reflection and planning, I reorganized just a few of my cabinets. I couldn't believe how just this one change improved my and my family's daily life! To this day, I still regularly open those cabinets just to look at and appreciate their functionality.


Now Let's Make Space for You

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